Tai Yue Ngam Teng


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Tai Yue Ngam Teng is located at the eastern side of High Island Reservoir, near to Sai Wan. At the top, Tsang Pang Kok can be viewed. It is also one of the sharp peaks in Sai Kung, while the 2 others are Sharp Peak and High Junk Peak.
Activity [Hiking]
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Other Routes
Starting Pt. 25 min 65 min 45 min 65 min
Sai Wan Pavilion pin-png-2424Chui Tung Au pin-png-2424Sai Wan Shan 1471007774_Red_flag Tai Yue Ngam Teng pin-png-2424Long Ke Tsai
30 min 30 min      
pin-png-2424Long Ke Wan High Island East Dam      
1471009312_map Distance 9 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration 4 hr 20 min
1471007737_Food Supply None
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch Not available
1439817821_Aquicon-Basecamp Highest Pt. Sai Wan Shan (314 m), Tai Yue Ngam Teng (233 m)
1471010186_Problem Difficulty Level 8 [Advanced]


To: Sai Wan Pavilion

  • Taking Residents’ service route No. NR29 at Sai Kung Town Centre, and get off at Sai Wan Pavilion (Terminal);
  • Taking taxi at Sai Kung Town Centre, and get off at Sai Wan Pavilion.

From: East Dam (High Island Reservoir)

  • Taking Shuttle Bus to Sai Kung Town Centre (booking is required, for details, please visit here);
  • Taking taxi to Sai Kung Town Centre (booking is usually required).

There is no official country trail to Tai Yue Ngam Teng, clambering is required.

It is recommended to bring along with enough food and water; it is not recommended to hike alone.

Total distance: 8.83 km
Max elevation: 296 m
Min elevation: 5 m
Total climbing: 440 m
Total descent: -516 m