Pyramid Hill


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Pyramid Hill is located between Ma On Shan and Sai Kung, the hill is on Ngong Ping Plateau, it is pyramid-shaped so it is named ‘Pyramid Hill’.
Activity [Hiking]
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Starting Pt. 60 mins 20 mins 45 mins 60 mins 45 mins
green-mapMa On Shan Village red-specialmapNgong Ping Plateau red-specialmapPyramid Hill pin-blueMa On Shan Au pin-blueWong Chuk Yeung red-mapShui Long Wo
1471009312_map Distance 10 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration 3 hrs 50 mins
1471007737_Food Supply None
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch After climbing Pyramid Hill, leaving at Tai Shui Tseng by going back through Ngong Ping Plateau (for further details, please visit Ngong Ping Plateau)。
1439817821_Aquicon-Basecamp Highest Pt. Pyramid Hill (536M)
1471010186_Problem Difficulty Level 7 [Advanced]
1471007900_Hint Comments It is not distant to climb Pyramid Hill from Ngong Ping Plateau, but there are loose gravel in such short route, clambering is still required. The splendid views of Sai Kung, as well as Ma On Shan can also be viewed at the top of Pyramid Hill, it is good for preparation of the future hiking plan to Ma On Shan, psychologically.

Ma On Shan Village

  • Taking Residents’ service route NR84 at Sunshine City, or taking taxi and get off at Ma On Shan Village

Shui Long Wo

Transportation Route Get on at Remarks
Bus No. 99 Sai Kung ⇔ Hang On Estate Shui Long Wo
Bus No. 99R Sai Kung ⇔ University Station Shui Long Wo Only service at Sunday or Public Holiday
Bus No. 299X Sai Kung ⇔ Shatin Central Shui Long Wo
  • The routes to Pyramid Hill are steep, and are with loose gravels, clambering is required.
  • It is recommended to bring along with enough food and water. It is not recommended to hike alone.