Ma On Shan





Ma On Shan is located in Sai Kung, it is 702m high. Ma On Shan is conceptually “horse saddle mountain”, there are 2 peaks respectively “head saddle” and “the hunch backs” (about 677m high), the mountain connecting these 2 peaks forms a shape of “horse saddle”.
Other Routesesaikung015esaikung013saikung029
Starting Pt.50 min35 min45 min60 min
green-mapMa On Shan BBQ Sitepin-png-2424Tiu Shau Ngampin-png-2424The Hunch Backs1471007774_Red_flagMa On Shanpin-png-2424Ngong Ping Plateau
40 min25 min   
pin-png-2424Tai Shui Tsengred-mapPo Lo Che   
1471009312_map Distance8.5 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration4 hr 15 min
1471007737_Food SupplyThe kiosk at Ma On Shan BBQ Site
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch
  • After crossing the entrance climbing up to Pyramid Hill, there is an intersection with pavilion nearby, turn right to Ma On Shan Village for shorter route.
  • At Tai Shui Tseng (Po Lo Che Road), take minibus to Sai Kung.
1439817821_Aquicon-Basecamp Highest Pt.Ma On Shan (702 m), The Hunch Backs (677 m)
1471010186_Problem DifficultyLevel 8 [Advanced]
1471007900_Hint CommentsTiu Shau Ngam is the first exciting hill, it is vertical and clambering is required. After Tiu Shau Ngam, there is a narrow road to the second and third hill – The Hunch Backs and Ma On Shan. At the top of the hills, there is open view of Sai Kung Kei Ling Ha Hoi. After sloping down Ma On Shan, if you watch back to Ma On Shan, you will find the peak astonishing.

Ma On Shan BBQ Site

  • Taking Residents’ service route No. NR84 at Sunshine City, or taking taxi and get off at Ma On Shan Village

Po Lo Che

TransportRouteGet on atRemarks
Bus No. 92Diamond Hill Station ⇔ Sai KungPo Lo Che 
Bus No. 96RDiamond Hill Station ⇔ Wong Shek PierPo Lo CheAvailable on Sunday and Public Holiday only
Bus No. 792MTseung Kwan O Station ⇔ Sai KungPo Lo Che 
Minibus No. 101MHang Hau Station ⇔ Sai KungPo Lo Che 
Minibus No. 1Telford Garden ⇔ Sai KungPo Lo Che 
Minibus No. 1A/1SRhythm Garden ⇔ Sai KungPo Lo Che1S: night service class
Public minibus
  • Mongkok (Dundas Street) ⇔ Sai Kung Sports Ground*
  • Kwun Tong (Yee On Street) ⇔ Sai Kung Sports Ground
  • Causeway Bay (Canal Road East) ⇔ Sai Kung Sports Ground #
Po Lo Che* 24-hour service class
# night service class

The service of Minibus No. NR84 is infrequent, you should pay attention to the class timetable.

The hill at Tiu Shau Ngam is very steep. There is a rope for climbing, it is however not recommended to fully rely on the rope.

Clambering is required, it is recommended to go with experienced hikers.

Part of the routes are cliff aside. Beware of personal safety.

The routes are strength-demanding, it is not recommended to hike alone.

Total distance: 8275 m
Max elevation: 639 m
Min elevation: 43 m
Total climbing: 496 m
Total descent: -683 m

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