High Island Reservoir (East Dam)





The High Island Reservoir is located in Sai Kung. The reservoir was created by constructing two main dams, the one at the east is East Dam connecting with High Island. East dam is officially an area of Hong Kong Geopark, the hexagonal columns of volcanic rock can be seen in East Dam. Po Pin Chau sea stack can also be seen in East Dam. 
Facilities Washroom
Activities [Outing]、[Hiking]、[Stargazing]
Attractions Hexagonal rock columns, twist rock columns, Po Pin Chau, Sea Caves
Scenery star_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_half_left
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Starting Pt. 30 min 30 min 90 min
green-mapPak Tam Chung pin-png-2424Man Yee Au pin-png-2424High Island West Dam red-mapHigh Island East Dam
1471009312_map Distance 10 km (through MacLehose section 1)
1471007853_Alarm Duration 2 hr 30 min
1471007737_Food Supply None
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch None
1471010186_Problem Difficulty Level 5 [Standard]

Pak Tam Chung

Transport Route Get off at Remarks
Bus No. 94 Sai Lung ⇔ Wong Shek Pier Pak Tam Chung
Bus No. 96R Diamond Hill station ⇔ Wong Shek Pier Pak Tam Chung Available on Sunday and Public Holiday
Minibus No. 7 Sai Kung ⇔ Hoi Ha Pak Tam Chung
Minibus No. 9 Sai Kung ⇔ Lady MacLehose Holiday Village Pak Tam Chung
High Island East Dam
  • By shuttle bus to Sai Kung Town (Ticket booking is required, please click here for details)
  • By minibus No. 9A to Pak Tam Chung (Available on Sunday and Public Holiday between 3pm to 6pm)
  • By taxi to Sai Kung Town (telephone booking is usually required)
It is recommended to spare more times for booking taxi, especially in public holiday.
For the ease of transportation arrangement, it is advisable to reach East Dam by taxi to start, then walk through MacLehose trail to Pak Tam Chung.
Do not climb on the breakwaters.
Do not climb on the rock columns which may damage them.
Total distance: 9.83 km
Max elevation: 132 m
Min elevation: 9 m
Total climbing: 272 m
Total descent: -234 m
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