Po Pin Chau



Po Pin Chau is a stack island outside East Dam of High Island Reservoir. It was one part of Fa Shan, but years of wave impact and erosion separated them. The most spectacular view of Po Pin Chau is hexagonal column, an array of these columns and the shape of Po Pin Chau are looked like a giant pipe organ.
AttractionsConcubine pond, The heart of Hong Kong, Kim Chu Wan
Activities[Hiking]、[Geo Walking]
Other Routes
Starting Pt.45 min10 min30 min60 min30 min
High Island East Dam1471007774_Red_flagPo Pin Chaupin-png-2424Kim Chu Wanpin-png-2424Kwun Tung Aupin-png-2424Tsat Chung rolling-pebble beachPak Lap Wan
1471009312_map Distance4 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration3 hr
1471007737_Food SupplyNo mid-way supply before reaching Pak Lap Wan store
1471007878_Revert Exit / BranchAfter visiting Po Pin Chau, return to High Island Road via original route
1471010186_Problem DifficultyLevel 7 [Advanced]
1471007900_Hint CommentsNot very long distance for the whole route, but there are still many splendid views. However, the roads are unclear especially in rolling-pebble beach. Please pay special attention to the route directions.
High Island East Dam
  • By shuttle bus to Sai Kung Town (Ticket booking is required, please click here for details
  • By taxi to Sai Kung Town (telephone booking is usually required)

Pak Lap Wan

  • Telephone book taxi at Pak Lap Wan store (no mobile phone signal), then walk about 15 minutes to Man Yee Road to get on the taxi

The trails to Po Pin Chau are not clear, and are near to the cliff.

The trails to Tsat Chung Rolling Pebble-Beach are not clear, it is not recommended to hike alone there.

The whole routes are mostly not tree-shaded, it is recommended to bring along with enough water and food.

No mobile phone signal is available in Pak Lap Wan.

Total distance: 3.82 km
Max elevation: 113 m
Min elevation: 6 m
Total climbing: 275 m
Total descent: -333 m