Dragon’s Back


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The Dragon’s Back is located at Shek O, Hong Kong, it is a ridge between Wan Cham Shan and Shek O Peak. It was selected as the best urban hiking trail in Asia.
Activity [Hiking]
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Starting Pt. 30 mins. 85 mins. 25 mins. 25 mins.
green-mapBig Wave Bay pin-bluePottinger Gap red-specialmapDragon’s Back pin-blueShek O Peak red-specialmapTo Tei Wan
1471009312_map Distance 8 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration 2 hrs 30mins
1471007737_Food Supply None
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch After arriving Dragon’s Back, at the right side of the trail there is an exit path going downhill to Shek O Road.
1471010186_Problem Difficulty Level 5 [Standard]

Big Wave Bay

Transportation Route Get off at Remarks
Mini Bus Shau Kei Wan ⇔ Shek O Bay Way Bay
Bus No. 9 Shau Kei Wan ⇔ Shek O Big Way Bay

To Tei Wan

Transportation Route Get on at Remarks
Mini Bus Shau Kei Wan ⇔ Shek O To Tei Wan
Bus No. 9 Shau Kei Wan ⇔ Shek O To Tei Wan
  • Most area in the route is without sun protection, it is advisable to apply sunscreen and to use hat to prevent sun burn.