Shek O





Shek O is a beachside village located on the south-eastern part of Hong Kong Island. There is a blue Lover’s Bridge  connects to Tai Tau Chau. Tai Tau Chau is full of rugged granites and rocky cliffs and is the paradise for rock climbing in Hong Kong.
Facilities Teahouses、Restaurants、BBQ sites、Changing Rooms、Shower Facilities、Public Toilets
Attractions Beach、Different coloured houses、Lover’s Bridge、Tai Tau Chau
Activities [Swimming]、[BBQ]、[Outing]、[Stargazing]
Scenery star_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_full
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  • At the exit A3 of Shau Kei Wan station, get on Bus No. 9 or public minibus (red), then get off at Shek O
  • Get on taxi, or drive to Shek O Beach, there are about 30 car parkings
For personal safety, please do not stand on the shore near to the sea.
If driving, it is very difficult to park there especially in public holiday, it is strongly recommended to get there by public transportation.
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