Pak Lap Wan|Mok Min Cave





Pak Lap Wan is a beach in High Island South. There is a sea cave lies in the southern east side called ‘Mok Min Cave’ (aka Tung Kok Cave), people can reach there if the tide is low. 
AttractionsSiu Po Pin, Mok Min Cave, Pak Lap Tsai, etc.
Activities[Hiking], [Swimming], [Camping], [Kayaking], ect.
Camping Ref.Suitability: tick-orangetick-orangetick-orange [Fair]
Stargazing: tick-orangetick-orangetick-orange
Sunrise viewing: tick-orangetick-orangetick-orange
Sunset viewing: tick-orange
Signal: [No mobile signal]
Water supply: tick-orangetick-orangetick-orangetick-orangetick-orange[Convenient]
Other facilities: tick-orangetick-orangetick-orange
Overall: tick-orangetick-orangetick-orange
Other Routes
Start At15 min40 min25 min20 min
Sai Kung Man Yee Road1471007774_Red_flagPak Lap Wan1471007774_Red_flagMok Min Cavepin-png-2424Pak Lap TsaiPak Lap Wan
1471009312_map Distance3 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration1 hr 40 min
1471007737_Food SupplyPak Lap Wan store
1471007878_Revert  Exit / BranchReach Pak Lap Wan directly, without going via Pak Lap Tsai.
1471010186_Problem DifficultyLevel 4 [Beginner]
1471007900_Hint CommentsSplendid views can be found in Mok Min Cave without too difficult hiking. The view of sea cave is as good as the one in Po Pin Chau, and the trail direction to Mok Min Cave is clear.

Sai Kung Man Yee Road

  • Taking taxi from Sai Kung Pier, and get off at the block of Pak Lap Village (at Sai Kung Man Yee Road)

Pak Lap Wan

  • Booking taxi at the store of Pak Lap Wan, and walk to Sai Kung Man Yee Road (about 15 minutes) to get on the taxi.

The route to Mok Min Cave is near to cliffs, you should pay attention to the times of high tide and low tide.

There is no mobile phone signal in Pak Lap Wan.

Total distance: 3.21 km
Max elevation: 83 m
Min elevation: 3 m
Total climbing: 150 m
Total descent: -227 m

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