Kai Kung Shan

Risk 25%
Sunburn 55%


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Kai Kung Shan is a mountain located in the east of Three Fathoms Cove (“Kei Ling Ha Hoi”), with 399m high. It is one of the peaks on the MacLehose Trail Stage 3. The scenery of Kai Kung Shan is spectacular.  On the mountain, you can enjoy the continuous mountain view including Wa Mei Shan, Lui Ta Shek, Shek Uk Shan, Ngau Yee Shek Shan, etc.
Attractions Archaize star lookout
Activities [Hiking]
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Other Route
Start at 60 min 30 min 25 min 65 min
Shui Long Wo 1471007774_Red_flagKai Kung Shan pin-png-2424Yung Pak Au pin-png-2424Yung Shue O Shui Long Wo
1471009312_map Distance 10.5 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration 3 hr
1471007737_Food Supply
  • Drinks vending machine at Shui Long Wo Barbecue Area
  • Stores at Yung Shue O Tsuen
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch
  • There are branches lead down to Kei Ling Ha Lo Wai and Wong Mo Ying respectively before reaching Kai Kung Shan
  • There are alternative downhill trails lead to Tsak Yue Wu and Pak Tam Au  respectively at Yung Pak Au
1439817821_Aquicon-Basecamp Highest Pt. Kai Kung Shan (399 m)
1471010186_Problem Difficulty Level 5 [Standard]
1471007900_Hint Comments The MacLehose Trail Stage 3 is considered by most hikers to be the most difficult section.  Therefore, you can follow our route to go half way of the MacLehose Stage 3 to explore the scenery of Kai Kung Shan.

To / From: Shui Long Wo

Transport Route Get off/on at Remarks
Bus No. 99 Sai Kung ⇔ Heng On Shui Long Wo / O Tau  
Bus No. 99R Sai Kung ⇔ University station Shui Long Wo / O Tau Available on Sunday and Public Holiday only
Bus No. 289R Wong Shek Pier ⇔ Sha Tin Central Shui Long Wo / O Tau

Available on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday only

Bus No. 299X Sai Kung ⇔ Sha Tin Central Shui Long Wo / O Tau  

The archaize star lookout is located in the Shui Long Wo Tree Walk. If you get off at the bus stop in the direction of Sai Kung, you must pay attention to safety when crossing the road.

For higher level hikers, you can take the entire section of MacLehose Trail Stage 3 from Shui Long Wo to Pak Tam Au (via Kai Kung Shan and Cheung Sheung Campsite).

Total distance: 10.68 km
Max elevation: 375 m
Min elevation: 12 m
Total climbing: 628 m
Total descent: -625 m
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