Sharp Island (Kiu Tau)

Risk 25%
Sunburn 40%





Sharp Island is located in Sai Kung, it is one of Hong Kong Geoparks. At low tide, there is a tombolo connecting with Kiu Tau. Sharp Island is also a hotspot for snorkeling.
Facilities Refreshment kiosk, Changing room, Toilet
Activities [Hiking], [Swimming], [Geo Sightseeing]
Scenery star_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_half_left
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  • Taking boat at Sai Kung Pier.
There are boat services to Sharp Island offered by different licensed providers, boat fares and timetable may vary amongst these providers.
You should pay attention to tide timetable before heading to Kiu Tau.
The eastern side of Sharp Island is coral area (indicated by yellow coral marker buoys) which do not allow boat anchoring. Please read the guidelines issued by AFCD for more information. 
Sharp Island is a geopark of Hong Kong, please observe the safety code and guidelines when visiting the geopark.
Total distance: 1.61 km
Max elevation: 5 m
Min elevation: -2 m
Total climbing: 20 m
Total descent: -20 m