Ng Tung Chai





Ng Tung Chai is located at southern west area of Tai Po District, water comes from Tai Mo Shan and irrigates the farmlands in Lam Tsuen. Ng Tung Chai waters consist of Bottom Fall, Middle Fall, Main Fall and Scattered Fall, Main Fall is the highest waterfall in Hong Kong, around 30m.
Attractions Bottom Fall, Middle Fall, Main Fall, Scattered Fall
Activities [Hiking]、[Waterfall hiking]
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Starting Pt. 20 min 40 min 10 min 30 min
Ng Tung Chai Village pin-png-2424Man Tak Garden pin-png-2424Bottom Fall pin-png-2424Middle Fall 1471007774_Red_flagMain Fall
10 min 60 min 20 min    
pin-png-2424Scattered Fall pin-png-2424Man Tak Garden Ng Tung Chai Village    
1471009312_map Distance 6.5 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration 3 hr 5 min
1471007737_Food Supply None
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch None
1471010186_Problem Difficulty Level 6 [Standard]

Ng Tung Chai

Transport Route Get off at Remarks
Bus 64K Tai Po Market Station ⇔ Yuen Long (West) Ng Tung Chai  
Minibus 25K Tai Po Market (Wai Yan Street) ⇔ Ng Tung Chai Ng Tung Chai (Terminal)  

The paths to waterfalls are slippery, it is recommended to wear slip resistance shoes. Do not visit there in rainy day.

There were landslips at the path between Main Fall and Scattered Fall, beware of your personal safety when walking through that path.

Total distance: 6.22 km
Max elevation: 580 m
Min elevation: 97 m
Total climbing: 601 m
Total descent: -602 m