Kowloon Peak (Fei Ngo Shan)

Risk 90%
Sunburn 65%





Kowloon Peak (a.k.a. Fei Ngo Shan) is located in Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon. It is 603m high which is the highest peaks in Kowloon District. There are splendid views of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island and Hebe Haven. Suicide Wall, the recently popular spot near to the summit, it is with many steep slopes and rocks which are not suitable for non-experienced hikers.
Activities[Hiking]、[Sunrise Viewing]、[Sunset Viewing]、[Silvergrass Viewing]
Other Routessaikung025new
Start at70 min20 min40 min40 min
Fei Ngo Shan Road1471007774_Red_flagKowloon Peakpin-png-2424Suicide Wallpin-png-2424Middle Hillpin-png-2424Tung Shan
25 min30 min   
pin-png-2424Tiu Tso NgamTsz Wan Kok   
1471009312_map Distance8 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration3 hr 45 min
1471007737_Food SupplyNone
1471007878_Revert Exit / Branch
  • Suicide Wall and radio station can be skipped
  • On the summit there is one western side trail to Jat’s Incline (uncertain trail condition)
1439817821_Aquicon-Basecamp Highest Pt.Kowloon Peak (603 m)、Middle Hill (585 m)
1471010186_Problem DifficultyLevel 7 [Advanced]
1471007900_Hint CommentI have been hiking Kowloon Peak for numerous times, unfortunately the weathers were usually bad in those hikes. Luckily, the last hike in Kowloon Peak in 2018 was clear and bright, I have taken this good opportunity to walk to the scary spot – Suicide Wall, there is splendid view of Kowloon district, such experience is unforgettable. In any event, please pay extra attention when going to Suicide Wall, which is potentially dangerous.

To: Fei Ngo Shan Road

TransportRouteGet off atRemarks
Mini Bus No. 1Telford Gardens ⇔ Sai KungFei Ngo Shan Road 
Mini Bus No. 1ARhythm Garden ⇔ Sai KungFei Ngo Shan Road 

From: Tsz Wan Kok

TransportRouteGet on atRemarks
Bus No. 2FTsz Wan Shan (North) ⇔ Cheung Sha WanTsz Wan Shan (North) (Terminal) 
Bus No. 3CTsz Wan Shan (North) ⇔ China Ferry TerminalTsz Wan Shan (North) (Terminal) 
Bus No. 3MTsz Wan Shan (North) ⇔ Choi WanTsz Wan Shan (North) (Terminal) 
Bus No. 15ATsz Wan Shan (North) ⇔ Ping TinTsz Wan Shan (North) (Terminal) 

Be aware of the vehicles when walking along Fei Ngo Shan Road.

The stair entrance toward Kowloon Peak is indicated by a stone with hand-written ‘328’ characters. 

The southern ridge toward Suicide Wall is dangerous, which is only appropriate for extreme hikers.

The downslope trail after Middle Hill toward Tung Shan is steep and with loose garvel.

For sunset viewing on the summit, please bring along with headlight or torch.

Total distance: 8.03 km
Max elevation: 560 m
Min elevation: 139 m
Total climbing: 553 m
Total descent: -607 m
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