Cape D’Aguilar





Cape D’Aguilar is a cape in the South of Shek O, it is designated as Marine Reserve. It is not easily accessible by the public, part of the road accessing to Cape D’Aguilar is privately by Swire Institute of Marine Science, a research faculty of the University of Hong Kong. Recently, Cape D’Aguilar is widely promoted by the media, subsequently attracts many visitors to come to this hidden gem, especially in public holiday.
AttractionsCape D’Aguilar Cave、Gun Fortress、Lighthouse (HK-158)、Cape D’Aguilar Sea Cave、Crab Cave、Whale Bone、Cape D’Aguilar Fort、Kau Pei Chau
Other Routesehkisland004ehkisland012
Starting Pt.30 min30 min10 min10 min10 min60 min
green-mapWindy Gappin-png-2424Hok Tsui Tsuen1471007774_Red_flagCape D’Aguilarpin-png-2424Cape D’Aguilar Fortpin-png-2424Lighthousepin-png-2424The HKU Swire of Marine Sciencered-mapWindy Gap
1471009312_map Distance7 km
1471007853_Alarm Duration2 hr 30 min
1471007737_Food SupplyNone
1471007878_Revert Exit / BranchYou can start at Radio station which can be reached by taxi
1471010186_Problem DifficultyLevel 4 [Beginner]

Windy Gap (Cape D’Aguilar Road)

TransportRouteGet on/off at
Bus No. 9Shau Kei Wan ⇔ Shek OWindy Gap

Cape D’Aguilar

  • Take taxi directly to Radio Station.

Cape D’Aguilar road is only accessible with permission (except taxi), passengers can only be picked off in the area of Radio Station.

Hikers should keep quiet in the road to Cape D’Aguilar

Cape D’Aguilar is a marine protected area, hikers should keep it clean. Water activities are also prohibited.

Lighthouse, fort and Gun Fortress are precious historic monuments, do not climb on them which may cause damages.

Be aware of the dog in Cape D’Aguilar Road. The road to Gun Fortress in Hok Tsui Tsuen nearby is not clear.

The trail to fort is fenced, and the fort is not stable, it is not recommended to visit the fort (the route to fort shown in the map is for reference only).

Total distance: 8692 m
Max elevation: 114 m
Min elevation: 7 m
Total climbing: 338 m
Total descent: -338 m

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