Wu Kau Tang





Wu Kau Tang is located in the northeast New Territories, which is enclosed by the Plover Cove Country Park on all sides, the park beside the Plover Cove Reservior extended from Tai Mei Yuk in Tai Po.  Wu Kau Tang is characterised by a mixture of village settlements and agricultural land which mostly left fallow.
Facilities Grocery store, Washroom
Attractions Kau Tam Tso Fung Shui Woodland
Activity [Hiking]
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Other Routes

Wu Kau Tang

Transportation Route Get on/off at Remarks
Minibus 20R Tai Po Market station ⇔ Wu Kau Tang Wu Kau Tang (Terminal)
The best period to visit Kau Tam Tso Fung Shui Woodland is from late December  to early January.
You can opt to visit Wu Kau Tang from Bride’s Pool, for details, please read our routes for ‘Bride’s Pool’ and ‘Mirror Pool’ (i.e. orange route in the map below).